I Found These Beautiful Faux. Pearls For Necklaces

Posted by Laura Wilson on

I found these BEAUTIFUL Czech glass  6 mm light cream pearls in a close out deal at my favorite jewelry supplier.. I will probably never get back there again to their secret stash, because they are in Rhode Island, and I am temporarily in Kingman, Arizona. That's the nomad in me. Always traveling...


I only have a dozen so I made 2 necklaces, each with a magnetic clasp; one each in silver and one in gold so I could get some pix for you.

Each necklace is knotted between the pearls and they are a fantastic light cream color. They look so real. I think you will really love them.

I can make a matching pierced or magnetic earring for you if you like.

Check them out here:

Anyway, let me know what you think...

Love you all...



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