How I Created Magnetic Butterfly Brooches Made From Fabric

Posted by Laura Wilson on

I'd been making magnetic earrings for some time when a customer asked me "Why don't you make magnetic brooches?"

I thought about it for a while, and realized I didn't make regular brooches either, because I never wore them. I never wore them, because I didn't want to damage my clothes by putting holes in them...

I thought about it some more, and one day when I was in a fabric store, I saw some fabric with various colors and sizes of butterflies printed on it. I'd been making magnetic earrings out of fabric for a while, because I wanted a completely hypoallergenic earring for my sensitive customers. It wasn't a big leap for me to move into brooches.  I form the butterfly, add the neodymium magnet and then I paint the details. Finally, I attach the head, body, crystal wing spots and antennae.

I go though over 20 different steps and processes to create each one, but it's worth it, because each one is unique. They are also hand washable, and last for years...I myself, have some that are over 12 years old and the colors are as vibrant as they were when I made them.




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