Handmade One of a Kind Grape Cluster Earrings With Garnets

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I made these way back when, sometime in the 1980's. I was playing around with chasing and repousse techniques and i had these nice little garnets laying around.
Each earring started as a flat sheet of sterling silver. Then I hand sawed out the basic shape with a jeweler's saw. They are then formed with chasing tools on a pitch pot for support. After one side is worked on the pitch is burned off and the piece is turned over and worked again.
Once I slipped up and dripped the burning hot pitch on my hand. I only did it once but have a nice little scar on my hand that reminds me to pay attention.
The process takes hours making this earring set truly one of a kind. Each earring has three faceted 3 mm rhodolite garnets set with prongs. The garnets are a kind of pinkish brown. Each grape cluster is 25 mm x 28 mm. I used sterling silver lever backs for security.
Handmade in the USA and copyrighted by Laura Wilson

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