Handmade 17 x 15 Gold Dog Magnetic Clip Earring

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These 14 karat gold plated brass dogs are really cute and will go with any outfit. These tiny earrings are only 17 x 15 mm in diameter. They are held on the ears with two magnets; a small plated neodymium in front and an 8 x 3 enamel painted ceramic magnet that goes behind the ear. There is no pinching like the old style clip on earrings.

Sold in pairs.

Need extra or stronger magnet backs? They are listed here:  


If you have misplaced your metric ruler, remember that 13 mm=1/2 inch.
Remember: The wider the magnets, the more comfortable the earring is.
If you are allergic to nickel, order only earrings that have both enamel painted ceramic magnets front and back since the neodymium magnets are plated with nickel.

Made in the USA.

Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Handmade 17 x 15 Gold Dog Magnetic Clip Earring is for you.

Inventory Last Updated: Dec 10, 2023