Handmade Sterling Silver Triangle Pierced Earrings

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These one of a kind abstract pierced earrings are 15 x 20 mm in size. They have sterling silver posts and nuts. I used a torch to fuse sterling silver sheet and wire together at around 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. Creating each piece is an adventure, because although I have a lot of control and experience, silver sometimes melts in unexpected ways, making each piece one of a kind.
These are made in my traditional style with leaves and balls. The balls are made when silver gets to a certain temperature and rolls into a ball. The leaves are made by using a tool on the molten ball at the exact moment to create the groove, too hot or too cool and it doesn't work.
I added purple transparent resin for some color. I know that they don't match exactly, but that's what makes them unique.
Signed, dated and copyrighted by Laura Wilson.

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Inventory Last Updated: Mar 30, 2023